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Mentorathon for startups to meet clients and VCs

MedHack is a one day event for seed stage startups who are shipping code and want to gain access to mentors from health, VC, and industry. Excel at MedHack and be invited to pitch to join the Prebacked Bridge community.

Saturday, 7/13/2013

Silicon Valley

  • MedHack:


    Get out of your building... and into ours. Hackathons are incredible for productivity with the core of your team all together in one place. We provide caffeine. Mentors provide insight. You bring brilliance.


    The brightest minds of Silicon Valley want to meet you and help accelerate your project. These awesome mentors from VC, health, and enterprise can provide invaluable insight. Don't believe us? See below.


    MedHack attracts the best and brightest mentors and teams. If a room full of people hacking on health doesn't spark collaboration, we don't know what will. Who are you going to meet?

    Prebacked Bridge Community:


    If you're interested in the Prebacked Bridge community (formally Ignition Program) and you're shipping code, MedHack is your application process. We don't believe in asking engineers to write about why you're amazing - show us.


    Prebacked works with large enterprises to help startups bypass departments known to stifle innovation. The Bridge Community is how we get you talking to C-level execs to iterate on solutions for the market.


    The Bridge Community is free if you get in - if we add significant value (eg. land you a major client) we'll ask for 1-3% equity to keep us aligned and fighting for the same cause... your startup's success.

    Mentors & Judges

    Mentor Judge Both